Portrait of Alexander Flatter

About me.

This page is still under construction.

For those who care, here's the really short summary of my programming background.

I started writing code in BASIC as a teenager, quickly switched to building websites in PHP and then discovered Ruby and Rails. Over the years, websites turned into full web applications and to deliver the latest user experience, I've written a lot of JavaScript for browsers and Node.js. I've dabbled with a lot of different tech stacks, played around with .Net, Rust, Clojure, Haskell and more, but recently I've grown to love Elixir and Phoenix as they bring a touch of simplicity to the current state of web development.

All that being said, I'm not writing professional code just for the sake of it. I'll do my best to convince you to not write any code at all, because it will become a liability. Instead, I propose that we will build small experiments (sometimes using No-Code tools) to verify your hypothesis first. The goal behind this approach is to increase the chance for success and still reduce cost now and in the future.

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